Signs And Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse

The alcoholism is just supposed to be a type of addiction which belongs to alcohol. The person becomes fully dependent on alcohol and he mostly could not live without taking alcohol for any day of his life. It is basically categorized in two different types.

The first one is the phase in which the person do not shows any physical symptoms even if he continue taking the alcohol on a regular basis. Simple physical symptoms of addiction are present in to the body of the person. No other problems like in job responsibility, in family, in society or any other mental or physical health.

The second type of alcoholism is that in which the drinking habit does also leads the person to various other problems like physical symptoms along with the addictive problems.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse in Adults as well as in Teens

There are many symptoms which are specially associated with the advanced use of alcohol beverages. The very start up and the powerful negative factor of alcohol abuse is that it will always prompt the adults as well as teens to use more and more amount of alcohol. This would be done beside all other factors like effect on the friends or members of the family. Whenever the teen would be alone he would be thinking about drinking it more and more.

The other symptoms are the adult or teens drinking it becomes violent when they drink it up. Sometime they do also become hostile on asking about their addiction from them. They are so addicted that they personally would not be able to control their habit without taking any help from others. They go on making many excuses of drink.

Sometime the adults do also stop going to their schools and colleges so they are creating a trouble for their better career growth. They could also not be able to take part in any of the activities of their schools and colleges. Sometimes adult do also hide about their habit of drinking alcohol. It means that they do not want everyone to let everyone know about their habit of getting alcohol so frequently.

Most of those adults who are suffering from the drug addiction problems do need the alcohol for at least once a day in order to get their days passed smoothly. This is why sometime they just do not need and care for the amount of food they take. Sometime the adults do also starts neglecting about the dressing methods of them as well mainly because they are focusing more and more upon the alcohol addiction of them.

The addicts sometime do need more and more amount of alcohol in order to feel good.


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